Meet Me Under The Ombu Tree

Sofia Solanas grows up on a magnificent ranch in the middle of the Argentine pampa, amid the grand traditions of the Argentine nobility and the mysticism of the native gauchos. Spoilt, wilful, resourceful and proud, Sofia is loved by all around her. All, that is, except her Irish mother, Anna, who punishes her daughter for her own sense of alienation and inadequacy while doting on her sons. Then Sofia embarks on a passionate love affair that can only bring shame upon the family. When Anna discovers the relationship, she is horrified and sends Sofia away to Europe, inadvertently exiling her from her family and the man she loves for over twenty years. And then a family tragedy calls Sofia home.

Following the story of the Solanas family in Argentina during the tumultuous years of political upheaval, and Sofia’s life as an exile, Meet Me Under The Ombu Tree is a moving, evocative and unforgettable story of love and forgiveness from a brilliant new voice.

If you are inspired to visit Argentina and would like to stay on a farm like Santa Catalina and experience the Argentine way of life, please check out the links section for more information.

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