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Since I could first hold a pencil I have been writing stories. It was my most enjoyable hobby and one I never expected would become a career in adulthood. I am so lucky to do something I adore and luckier still that you, my readers, enable me to do it. For that I am incredibly grateful.

Over the last four decades my love of storytelling has never changed, the only thing that has changed is my audience (once only me), which now includes you! I hope to carry you away to sunnier shores, while at the same time to remind you of all that is wonderful about England. Above all, my novels are about love – not just romantic love, but Love with a capital L, because when you boil life down to its essence, love is what you’ll find. I hope to sweep you away, to make you laugh and cry in equal measure, but most of all to make it possible for you to escape for a while.

Coming 20th June 2024

The first book in a sensational new series.


Over one hundred years ago, in the dark of night, a child vanished from his bed never to be seen again – now Pixie Tate must now discover the truth of those final moonlit hours. As she loses herself in the past, secrets are revealed, love affairs exposed and, ultimately, Pixie will be forced to make a devastating choice that will change her life forever…

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When Rupert Dash is declared missing, presumed dead during the Battle of Arnhem, his wife, Florence, is devastated. She can’t accept that he has gone from her life forever, and so when she finds a poem called ‘Wait for Me’ hidden in an old book, she believes it’s a sign from her husband. A promise that he will return to her.

A captivating novel of enduring love and devastating secrets, based on a true story.

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